50 Best Interior Design Books for 2018

50 Best Interior Design Books for 2018

Best Interior Design Books: Enhance Your Home with Inspiring Ideas

Are you looking to transform your living space into a stunning and stylish haven? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore some of the best interior design books available that will provide you with all the inspiration and guidance you need to create the perfect home. From color schemes to furniture arrangement, these books cover a wide range of topics to help you achieve your dream interior design. So, let’s dive in and discover the top interior design books that should be on every design enthusiast’s shelf!

1. „Elements of Style” by Erin Gates

Erin Gates, a renowned interior designer, offers practical advice and design principles in her book „Elements of Style.” From personal anecdotes to stunning photographs, Gates takes you on a journey through the fundamentals of interior design. She shares her wisdom on everything from choosing the right paint colors to incorporating different textures and patterns, making it a must-have resource for both beginners and experienced designers.

2. „Decorating with Plants” by Baylor Chapman

Plants can breathe life into any space, whether small or large. In „Decorating with Plants,” Baylor Chapman reveals how to create beautiful interiors using the power of plants. This book provides guidance on selecting the right plants for different rooms, creating stunning plant arrangements, and using plants to enhance your overall design aesthetic. Chapman’s expertise and stunning visuals make this a great choice for both plant enthusiasts and interior design lovers.

3. „The Kinfolk Home” by Nathan Williams

If you’re looking for a book that showcases minimalist yet warm interior designs, „The Kinfolk Home” is an excellent choice. Nathan Williams, the creator of Kinfolk magazine, takes readers on a tour of 35 homes around the world that embody simplicity and natural beauty. Through stunning photography and insightful interviews, this book offers a glimpse into the lives of individuals who have created spaces that prioritize comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

4. „Domino: The Book of Decorating” by Deborah Needleman

„Domino: The Book of Decorating” is a comprehensive guide that helps readers define their personal style and bring it to life in their homes. Deborah Needleman, the former editor-in-chief of Domino magazine, shares practical tips on everything from choosing colors and patterns to arranging furniture and curating accessories. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to refresh your current design, this book has you covered.

5. „The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details” by Christiane Lemieux

For those who appreciate the finer things in interior design, „The Finer Things” by Christiane Lemieux is a must-read. This book explores the world of high-quality craftsmanship, offering a curated selection of furniture, textiles, and details that can elevate any space. Lemieux’s expertise shines through as she takes readers on a journey through different design eras, showcasing timeless pieces that will inspire and educate design enthusiasts.

6. „Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design” by Christiane Lemieux

If you’re tired of strict design rules and want to embrace a more free-spirited and eclectic approach, „Undecorate” is the perfect book for you. Christiane Lemieux challenges conventional design norms and encourages readers to create spaces that reflect their individuality. With stunning photographs and inspiring stories, this book will empower you to trust your instincts, mix and match styles, and create spaces that are uniquely your own.


Q: Are these books suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, all of the mentioned books offer valuable insights and advice for beginners in interior design. They cover various topics and provide practical tips and inspiration that can help anyone get started on their design journey.

Q: Can these books be helpful for professional interior designers as well?

A: Absolutely! Even experienced designers can benefit from the expertise and fresh perspectives shared in these books. They offer a wealth of inspiration, creativity, and knowledge that can help professionals refine their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Q: Are the books primarily focused on a specific design style?

A: No, these books explore a wide range of design styles, from minimalist to eclectic and everything in between. They celebrate the diversity of interior design and provide ideas that can be adapted to suit different preferences and spaces.

Q: Where can I purchase these books?

A: These books can be found at most major bookstores, as well as online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, you may be able to find them at local libraries or borrow them from friends who share your passion for interior design.

Q: Can these books be enjoyed solely for the visual inspiration, or do they also offer practical advice?

A: While the stunning visuals certainly make these books enjoyable for the eye, they also provide practical advice, tips, and tricks that can be applied to real-life design projects. They strike a balance between beauty and functionality, making them both visually appealing and educational resources.

Q: Can these books be used as coffee table books or decor pieces in themselves?

A: Absolutely! Many of these books feature stunning photography and stylish layouts, making them worthy additions to your coffee table or design shelf. They can be enjoyed not only for their content but also as beautiful decor pieces that showcase your love for interior design.

So, whether you’re a design enthusiast looking to spruce up your living space or a professional seeking fresh ideas, these best interior design books are sure to inspire and guide you in creating your dream home. Happy designing!
50 Best Interior Design Books for 2018

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